Friday, May 15, 2009

Photos of our girl

Here is Brande with her sisters, Joe and a few photos when she was younger. We miss her and we love her. We continue to pray for her recipients. We know of four and we are very greatful that God has given us these miracles.
Barbra in Wisconcin age 66 (Brandes Heart)
Cary in Louisiana age 26 (Pancrease and R.Kidney)
Serita in Texas age 48 (mom of 7 children) (left kidney)
Louis in Mississippi age 54 (Brandes liver)

We are also adding Brande to the OUR HERO'S PAGE ON THE LOPA WEBSIGHT

Please continue to pray our family, her sisters, brothers and grandmother. We still cry each day and the boys say things because they do not understand. We find it hard to come across her photos or her class ring. Her hair pins and perfume. We find peace with God to make it, but we still need all the prayer we can get.
Gods love be with you

Kings Highway Christian Church
801 Kings Highway
Shreveport, LA 71106

Our physical address is

Sherry & Phil Sellers
1055 Southfield Road
Shreveport, La 71106

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

a story and a lil update

I would like to thank each and every person, family member, Team National associates and friends for being there for me and for Brande. We had about 300 people at Brandes memorial and it was so touching for me to see how much my daughter is loved. We appreciate all of you and my dear sweet sister cindy for your support, My loving coaches Don & Laura Glover and my friend/sister Barb Parks for flying out to stay with me in my time of sorrow. I love you all

We still do not know all of info on the recipients for Brandes organs but patiently waiting and now I have to write a letter about Brande for lopa. We do know of these and hope you will pray for each and every one of them
Barbara in Wisconcin is 66 years of age
Cary in Louisiana is 26 and waited 15 months.
Serita in Texas is 48, has 7 children and waited 85 months
Louis in Mississippi is 54 years old.

It will go on the websight under Our Hero's so if you like you can go there. I will include the address below.

Kings Highway Christian Church is still accepting donations in memory of Brande and I will post how much we will have for the Scholorship for a student in Brandes honor. We will also make a donation to the Youth in memory of Brande.

I remember a time when Brandes sister Christy had a Gymnastics meet in Seattle WA. I told Brande (age 3 at the time) that I was going to let her stay with grandma while I went to Seattle. She said well I want to see Attle too mama. I could not for the life of me explain to her that I was going to Seattle the town in WA and not to visit someone named Attle. Each day I called and she would ask if I have seen Attle yet and to tell her hi for me. I came home with a teddy bear named Attle and she slept with it every night. We still have that old bear.... Brande we miss and love you sooo much...