Thursday, November 6, 2014

Happy Birthday Darling Nov 3, 2014

Happy Birthday my sweet baby girl. I Love and miss you so very much. On November 2nd I went to a dinner in honor of you. I was the guest speaker for Donate Life and The Florida Lions Eye Bank. I took Myles and Reece to my speaking engagement for the first time in 5 years. They were both crying and I was so touched by the emotion they felt. They heard your story and the things we faced together while you fought for life and I prayed for it. We also met a wonderful young man with a story of hope. He was 14 and a liver recipient like our Louis in Gulfport MS. He had a beautiful story of survival. His dad said that he felt guilty about his transplant because someone died. I told him that if we as organ donors could give him just one day, just one, that the decision was worth it. To never feel guilty and to know he is here for a reason. He friended me on Facebook. Another couple had a son who received a heart transplant as an infant and died at 23 just recently. What an amazing story. We lit candles in honor of you and all of the loved ones we have lost who gave. I know your Birthday was the 3rd and I have not been on here in a bit. I have had hundreds of people comment on facebook. It has become my blog too. I just know you are my angel. I love and miss you every day of my life. Keep a cloud warm for me until I see you there.
love mom.