Monday, July 27, 2009

Brande's first recipient reply

Dear Sherry and family,

I am glad to hear from you. My wife Charlotte and I, as well as our two sons Ryan, 29 and Sean, 25 are extremely grateful for Brande's very generous gift of life. She was most certainly a very caring and giving person.

As for me, I am 54 years old and a retired teacher and head high school football coach, My liver started failing me about 16 months ago. I became very ill prior to the transplant. Words cannot express the feelings i have for your daughter and family. It was my second chance for life. all my family members are extremely grateful. It has been abut 2 Months since the surgery and the doctors say the liver is functioning well. I feel much better and am recuperating well. I hope to teach again in a Private school.

It is nice to know that there is concerned people out there who would be willing to Be an organ donor. I Had singed up myself. my two Son and wife are now going to be donors. I have been approached by schools to talk about my experience and organ donation. This is possible because of your daughter's foresight and feelings for people. Words cannot express the felling I have for the loss of you daughter, but you can rest assured that I will do every thing possible to honor your daughter's sacrifice to me. My family and I are looking forward to meeting you at the picnic in Shreveport in November. We will be there barring any complications that may arise. I hope to hear from you soon. We will try and find out the time and place for the picnic. With very much love,