Thursday, August 6, 2009

Another Heroic Move for Brande

This is a letter we recieved from Barbara, Brande's heart recipent. Funny thing is Sue Stella Mieley gave me a book 3 days before I recieved this letter: The name of the book is A Change Of Heart by Claire Sylvia and William Novak and Dr. Berhie Siegel,MD.
It is a story about a woman who recieves the heart of a young man. It truly helped me as a donor family member to understand what the recipents may go through on the other end of this spectrum. Thank God for true friends. Thanks Sue & Curt, we love you.

To the loving caring family that donated their loved one's organs to help save others lives,

I recieved (Brande's) heart and now I live for both of us

I'll tell you a little about what WE are doing together.
WE belong to a Christian church and belive that God had a hand in all of this.
WE will be helping others as God directs the future of OUR life.
WE are in an experimental program to help others who get a heart transplant in the future. The doctors are learning from US.
WE have offered to speak for the Heart Association in regards to more people considering donation of thier organs.
WE watch the sunset together, take walks together, go fishing together and visiting with family and friends.
In the future WE are hoping to return to work.
Work has always been being an advocate for others in the Domestic Violence and Sexual Assult issues. If the good Lord wishes WE will continue to do this work.
My family, friends and I cannot thank you enough for this gift you have given me. I will be grateful and thankful the rest of my life. We have prayed for your family and your loss. God will belss you and yours in the future and I know your loved one is in his presence.
God be with you as he is with US.

Barbara and (Brande)