Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Another profit of her love

If any of you remember when School was about to start I said I needed a break and thought that because I was Pisces I needed to go to the beach. I called it one last mad dash to the beach before school. WE TOOK THIS PHOTO IN GULFPORT MS. Just another way of telling me she loves me, That my girl and God is with me always. He tells me that he will provide everything I need if I only trust in him. Please read our recent letter from Louis, Brande's' liver recipient.
Dear Sherry and family,
I received your letter, It was good to hear from you. My doctors say things are looking good and they have taken me off some medications and lowered the dose of others. I have put on about 25 pounds and I feel much better. the doctors said I can jog and lift light e=weights at the gym and I am getting stronger. I truly have been blessed by family and Friends. but mostly by Brande and God. thanks for the picture. We did find Brande on the Internet. She was a beautiful girl here on earth and is beautiful in heaven now. I cant Wait to see her and thank her for the great gift of life. She has blessed me and my family. I can feel her smiling on me every day. we will be in shreveport in November at the state fair. We cant wait to meet you all. I hope to hear from you soon. We will be leaving that Friday from GULFPORT, MS. IT IS ABOUT FIVE HOURS i THINK. WITH LOVE ... LOUIS.....