Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving 2013

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone. I feel very blessed this year. We have a new home and will spend Christmas at home for the first time since Brande Left us. The boys are doing really well in school and the transition to their new schools has been positive. I can't believe how much better I feel seeing the ocean instead of the hospital only 1/2 mile from our old home in Shreveport where Brande left us. I really love our new home, the people and the sunsets most of all. 

I received a call from Barbara Larson, Brande's Heart Recipient on Brande's Birthday Nov, 3. She is doing well but it is very cold in Wisconsin. I told her to let me know when she is ready to fly to FL. I hope it is soon. I cannot wait to see her. She is still working to hard, running too fast and volunteering at the school teaching little ones to read. I just love her so much. 

Louis Smith, Brande's Liver Recipient is still living in Gulf Port MS and doing very well. He has a new grand baby boy on the way. He just had a birthday and is doing well. I hope he will come see us. We might just make a trip that way in a month or two. Hate to mess up these guys hunting and fishing schedules. 

My mom and dad are doing fine in TX. I will miss them for Thanksgiving this year, but the boys really want to spend the holidays off the road. We will be going to Glenda's for Lunch on Thanksgiving and will be home for Christmas. I just made a trip to Tyler last week and loved to see my parents. 

As for Rolex and Jazzy, Jasmine's Valentine kiss, Brande's little dog passed away on Nov 17th, 2013. We buried her in our new yard next to a tree we planted for Brande. The boys were away spending the night and when they came home our son Reece dug her up and made us all cry again. He said he had to say goodbye. He wrote a note and had us all sign it, put it under her collar and we buried her again. It is really hard to loose the things that keep us connected to our loved ones. This is why I love having my daughters recipients in contact. It gives me an unbelievable comfort knowing that they carry a part of her with them. 

New, news, I am now a Realtor with RMI Realtors at the Pensacola Beach Office in in FL. I Received my license in Sept and have made two sales so far. I am excited about my future here and the staff could not be better. These are the things I am thankful for this year.  Love Sherry