Friday, October 3, 2014

Joe's getting Married!

Dear Brande, We all know that making changes is tough. When I moved here I needed to heal. I passed my Real Estate exam for the state of Florida and had my angel with me all of the way. Thank you Brande. I thought that my depression from past affairs would also heal, but that has not happened. I know it will take time and that the boys and I have family and you (our angel) out there. I spent over an hour on the phone with your heart recipient this past week. It is just so funny when she calls and says. You have been on my mind and in my heart. (Your heart little one). Your little brothers are growing up fast. Reece is so smart. He has letters from senators telling him how smart he is. Myles is smart too, he would just rather play. He has to make A's & B's. They are very loving to me and I think of you often holding them when they were just babies. On the up side, Joe, your favorite cousin, is getting married in December. He has a beautiful fiancee and I know you would be proud of him. You would definitely be in the wedding. Of course you will be there. I will take you with me and set a little part of you free in Boston. Our hearts are healing and our love for you is everywhere we go.  I am just so happy to have My Angel and My God looking out for me. It started raining when I started writing. Thank you for the tears from heaven. I love and miss you my sweet baby girl. We all do.  Love MOM