Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Barbara and Brande together forever!

Wow, We made it to Phelps Wisconcin to meet Brande's heart recipient. The news crew was waiting on us and Phillip just went through open heart surgery on june 24th. What a major week for all of us. We put Phillip into the hospital for emergency open heart surgery, once okay, sent the boys with my uncle Jim June,28th(thank you uncle jim & aunt Cindy) to their aunt cindy's until we arive in wisconcin on July 10th where mom and aunt cindy met us at Barbara and Jerry (Bear) Larson's home. you have to check out this link.... I will copy and paste the story...So wonderful to be there with these wonderful people....


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Heart to Heart Submitted: 07/11/2010

PHELPS - It's a journey that's taken nearly 15 months and 1000 miles, but this weekend one Northwoods woman meets the family of a 19-year-old girl who saved her life.

Barbara says,"She's saying I love you mom."

Sherry Denson Sellers is hearing her daughters heart beat once again.

She says, "I can hear it."

A heart that saved Barbara Larsen's life.

Sherry says, "That's amazing. Thank you."

The two women met face to face for the first time this weekend.

Sherry says, "It's like I've known her my whole life, I mean it's unbelievable that I just feel so comfortable sitting right here next to her."

Barbara adds, "It was comfortable when I hugged her."

A hug that's possible thanks to organ donation. Sherry's 19-year-old daughter Brande died April 22nd, 2009 from injuries in a car accident in Lousiana. But as Brande left her family, she gave new life to seven people.

Sherry says, "My child has done more in death than I ever will in my life and that to me is unbelieveable."

Barbara needed a new heart after suffering a heart attack. She waited for nearly a year, trying an experimental machine to keep her alive. And on April 23rd, 2009 she got the call.

Barbara says, "They had a heart for me. They had to get me to Eagle River real fast, onto an airplane down to Madison, which an ambulance then took me to the hospital and that night after midnight they put my heart in."

Sherry adds, "I knew from the moment my daughter went to heaven, I would meet her."

But the meeting almost didn't happen.

Barbara says, "I was so worried what is this mother going to think with her daughter's 20-year-old heart in my body."

Sherry says, "She said I was scared because of my age and I said I don't care if you're 102, if your heart's beating, I am so happy."

A happiness that's also shared by Barbara's son.

Brian Musial says, "I cannot thank them enough for how much they've helped her and I would ask everybody, for Brande, to sign the back of your license and become an organ donor."

One heart, bringing two families together.

Both Sherry and Barbara are now both involved in promoting organ donation.

Sherry says one organ donor can save up to 50 lives.

If you'd like more information about how to become an orgatn donor you can click on the links below.

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