Monday, April 5, 2010

Shreveport Bossier Christian Family

The Shreveport Bossier Christian Family is a small newspaper magazine in our community. It offers christian information on many subjects and this month it was all about Organ Donation. What an awesome article they wrote about our angel and the gift of life she has provided by being an organ donor. I read the article and it is totally awesome. Brande is our hero and like so many has helped save many lives across the nation. The whole magazine is filled with hero's such as she. You can review it online by clicking on the web address below at on page 12 & 13. You know, Brande's accident happened a year ago 4/12/2009 and it was Easter Sunday. We did not cook dinner this year. My nephew Joe Montrosse came down and took care of mom and I. We went out to dinner with my husband Phillip, our boys,Myles and Reece, mom and pop too. First time I have ever had Mexican food for Easter. We tend to do funny things when the chair at the table sitting empty.
I know that she is still with me, but gees, I miss holding her and hugging her and picking on her when she Would do silly things. My memories will always be treasured and always be happy, but this was hard for me. I remember her hiding eggs with me last year for the boys, and taking them to First Baptist Church with me for an egg hunt on Saturday that was already over when we got there. The youth minister and a few people at the church ended up putting out more eggs just for our family. That was really memorable and fun. it was the day before her accident and my last day to look into her smiling face and see my baby girl. What a wonderful day we had together. I am praying for a celebration of her life on the 22nd of April. This is the day she passed and I do not want to be alone, So I am thinking of things to do that day with my children. My husband will be leaving me that week for a trip with the school and I need lots of prayer. If you have any suggestions please leave them in a comment for me. Thanks and lots of love.... Sherry Denson Sellers

Thank him Daily.
Sherry Denson Sellers