Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Oh my, What a weekend we have had with Brande's recipient family. I am so proud to say that we met Louis and his beautiful wife Charlotte. son Sean and his wife Farrah. we were so excited to meet and spend time with them thanks to Donate Life and I just have to thank Louis for sharing his family and his journey with me and my family. I am sure he was a bit overwhelmed when he met me. I am so interested in meeting the people my daughter has helped in life. Louis and his family are such wonderful people and they were given a miracle that was produced by God and Brande. He used her to create this miracle for their family and she lives on through them. You know, I believe to this day that satin can set before us what he will but God will decide on all miracles in the end. I am so happy that this family decided to share their journey with ours. Thank you Louis, Charlotte, Sean and Farrah for being here for our family in our time of need and our search for understanding. We are so happy that Louis is doing well and cannot wait to spend time with your family again. We miss our loving little happy girl and know that her blessing has created another chapter in our lives. You have given us hope that other organ recipients will contact us so we can see how they have progressed after surgery. I spoke of you at the University Club in Shreveport today and shared your story and photos with heart filled love for your family. Brande continues in life afterlife to help others and that is just what she did on earth. We are so proud of her and of you for both accomplishing the unbelievable task of survival. I know a lot of you will not understand the concept, but Brande and Louis know exactly what I am talking about. God Bless YOU................Sherry Denson Sellers